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Stuff and things. There are flowers in my ears, my cat have dingleberries. I love myself, I am the most important person in the entire world. I command the powers of earth, fire, wind and water. I am a leader and don't you forget it. I lead myself all the time, do this, do that, its the little things that count. I am a friend, a terrible enemy....not really but I try. I will always seek justice for cookie monster and I will inflict terrible pain and pestilence to those damnable kids that won't give that poor rabbit some cereal...I mean come on!!! It's goddamn cereal!!!!!! Go buy some more you stupid freaks! So this is my life, and it's ending one moment at a time, well maybe two or three at a time, I can multitask you know...and by multitask I mean breath, pump blood in my veins and blink my eyes. That's actually a lot of work for my single neuron left ( I don't want to get into that...things were done in the past, and there was some unpleasantness....). I have a whale of a wife, I didn't want to write that but she made me, I have no control over her...SHE'S CRAZY!!!! CRAZY I TELLS YA!!! I'M DOOMED!!!! But she has nice boobies so it's all good...and she just farted...right beside me, how inconsiderate, but at least she didn't blame it on the cat, I can respect people who admit to their farts. I mean come on! if you fart, and you do!!! yes you too! don't think that you don't fart, don't think that they don't stink, just enjoy the fact that your digesting system has food to process and create methane, think of those little kids in Africa who can't fart because they don't have food in their bellies....have you thought about them? No you didn't because you are a bunch of self absorbed people who think of nothing else but eat your precious food and pretend not to fart in a crowded elevator. There I said it. So this about sums up what I had to say in the last 20 seconds, random huh? Well I will stop here now because I'm just goddamn tired of writing to you fools out there (pretty fools I might add, but fools nonetheless).

Over and out.

PS where does over and out come from anyway, is it some chap that tried to jump over some wall or fence or get out from a window (that would explain the out part) because he just had sex with a married woman and the big biker of a husband just walked in and so the guy had to jet without clothes, without his tie!!! I mean come on!!! A tieless guy, that can't be good. And let's not forget his wallet, he had a winning lottery ticket in there, and now this biker guy is going to inherit the money while the tieless guy will have to continue to pickup garbage for the rest of his meaningless life to pay child support to his dozens of illegitimate kids around the world! How fair is that, well that's life, unfair and always full of monkey feces, that's what life is. So the lesson is, never leave a winning lottery ticket in your wallet when you go to screw someone else's old ball and chain.

ok now I'm done.....

over and out.

PSS I know I say "I mean come on" a lot, that is a reference to south park's jimmy, the funny little comedian crippled. I always laugh at him because he's crippled, not because he's funny. There you have it.

PSSS Crisse que je vous haie mon ostie de gang the tabarnaque. (My whale of a wife told me to say something in french.

PSSSS over and out....o
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