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So the wife is still asleep and I'm awake = I guess I will post

I did my first triathlon in two years yestday! The day wasawesome! It started out cloudy but then the sun came out during the race and we had beautiful blue sky at Wasaga beach (where the race was).

Wasaga beach is sooooo beautiful, I wish it wasn't that far from where we lived (2.5h drive) because I would be there everyday! It's on one of the best beaches in Canada with white white sand.

So Anyhoo, we had a bit of trouble at first getting there because of stupid people driving and getting into accidents and causing major traffic jams in Toronto but with my trusty navigator beside me (my wife, yes she is helpful sometimes with directions, she made a few mistakes but overall she was very helpful....but we are still getting a GPS for her :)) we made it with plenty of time to spare for me to get ready for the race.

I don't now what I had but I was feeling very shitty all morning, I had a bad case of GI and my stomac was not happy at all...must of been something I ate. So I was a bit disapointed because I know I was not in great shape to race. I tried to stay positive but I was feeling very weak as well. And to top it off, my legs were sore from walking and climbing up stairs and running the previous day...damnit! If there is one thing you should never do before race day is over exhert yourself and get sore.

But that didn't matter too much because I was not there to win, I was there to do the race with good form, not get injured and remember why I do this. I was mostly concerned about not getting re-injured (which is why I haven't been racing in the last two years) with me being sore and my right leg hamstring flaring up again during the morning (did I mention that?). 

Also, another thing that concerned me was the fact that this race is a short course (400m swim, 10km bike and 2.5km run) designed for triathlon newbies. I sure wasn't a newbie but I was in no shape to do a longer race. I had my kickass bike and I am fully equiped and felt really guilty aboutracing with them because I know it was not fair. I was there for myself, not to win and if I did, I would not take it because I wanted to give the true newbies a chance. However, when I got there, I realized just how many people looked not to be newbies and  many of them were better equiped than me! All bets were off now and I felt much better about not taking the glory.

So I got ready, prepared all my stuff in transition (that's where you put your bike, race shoes, and all the stuff you need in between the swim and bike phase and the bike and run phase. Becca was great in keeping up with my grumpyness and my sickness...she's so great :) She gave me my room and let me rest before the race.

The race is is about to start and I get in the water which is freaking cold! But that was ok... it woke me up a bit. And then we were off! I felt really good in the swim, I kept my form, felt all the right muscles activating so that was good. It was a mass swim start so I got kicking and elbowed a few times but nothing serious, When I came out I realized I was one of the  leaders, getting out of the water 12th place out of over 300 people. I was pretty happy about that since my swim has been the one sport which was difficult for me because of my injury. I got on the bike, feeling good, holding a bit back for the run and passing 3 more guys. I felt good even with my sore legs and I kept a good form.

Getting back to transition was a bit tricky as there was some confusion as to which way the flow of traffic was supposed to be, people were all over the place and I almost crashed into a woman on her way out to the bike course.

After that, I started my run, still shaken up from the near crash experience but I let go of it pretty quickly as I had to concentrate on running a long stretch in the sand....running in sand can be tricky and you can really hurt yourself if you are not careful. Anyway, my lungs were screaming of pain, so was my stomac but I kept on running at a decent pace. I passed another fellow and then, a few hundred meters away, I saw the turnaround point and start seeing the leaders returning, I high fived the leader and went on my way. I liked the run, it was painful but a good pain, not an injury pain. I kept my form and the legs were working pretty well for a guy who ran maybe half a dozen time this year.

I finished in 43 minutes, like I said, it was a short course. I placed 2nd in my age group and 7th overall. Woohoo! I was truly happy that I raced. I felt really good and it gave me the taste of triathlons. I can't wait from my next race which will be, unfortunately, next year as the season has come to an end. No matter, I will use this off season to get stronger, better, faster!


And lets not forget the wife, she was so great, my own cheering squad, the loudest of them all! :D


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So I thought I should post since it's 1am and I am super awake but not. I think I am overtired. It has been a very stressfull few days (let's say week now). 

I was nominated for this award you see, it is an awesome opportunity to get me started in business. The award would pay my salary for two years while I develop the business plan for my new company. 

The problem was that I had only 1 week to build an awesome business plan and had to start from zero. That means talking to a whole bucket load of people including companies, organizations, research facilities, government officials, getting letters of support, and figure out how the whole company would make tons of money....it was a lot of work but I did it. Of course I had the help of my business partner and best friend but man oh man was it tons of work for both of us. 

Now I have to apply for this other grant to help the company up and running and the deadline is this friday....OMFG! The thing is that it's not my fault. Its this great business developer (he is totally my mentor btw) that told me all this right after me coming back from my wedding (which was awesome btw...besides breaking my back and losing 1500$ worth of my clothe) and I freaked out because it is such a great opportunuty but at the same time its a shit load of work. 

Plus there is this little thing called a PhD that I must finish before getting into the business stuff too much. I need to produce my first article and publish it at least before the endof september if I want to graduate in December....which will be crazy tough.

Now let's add a few more things shall we?

-I have my second wedding reception that I have been planning which is in 2 weeks (that should be fun, but not for the time it takes to plan)

-My wife needs to get her permanent residence to get health coverage and get a doctor because we want to get pregnant, again, more time

-I have at least half a dozen more projects to work on at work for various people and for my supervisor (reviewing articles, designing some equipment, writing up some protocols, do a few experiments etc...)...shit loads of time!

-I have to train for a triathlon at the beginning of September (that will be fun but again more time...)

Oh and btw, Simon Whitfield RULES!!!! he won silver in the triathlon tonight!!!! YAYAYA!!!! Le gars est fucking VITE!!!! 

-I have to make our monthly budget for our spending because we are right on the edge (another reason for graduating sooner rather than later)

-I have to make this HUGE presentation at the beginning of September for the award as well. In front of Venture capitalists, big company executives, experienced business developpers etc. and I have to convince them that my business plan rocks! I know I can do it, I don't lack confidence but I do lack...once again....time.

...and the list goes on....

Such is life, but I guess I really need another vacation after this. 

Anyway, when I get this tired I get more emotional and down a little. I just need some rest.

Plus I feel bad because I know my wife wants to spend time with me and I want to spend time with her but we don't have time. She has been sooooo supportive its crazy! I love her very very much.

Anyway, I think I will try this sleep thing again...after all, I have to wake up in 5 hours and get ready for a conference call....

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I have green eyes!!! DAMN YOU DISNEY!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!! On another note, I always found Belle super hot, so that's good. :D
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All my samples that I have prepared all day yesterday have been destroyed by me tonight.....

Well on the bright side I'm totally screwed! YAY! 

I needed thoses samples tomorrow since I have a bigass project to hand in next wednesday and needed said samples to work to get results.

Funny that every time I think I'm finally getting there something goes wrong and it puts me two steps back. 

C'est pas grave Luc, tu vas réussir. C'est just un petit problème dont tu a déjà une solution. Inquiète toi pas. Ça va venir.

PS my wife is hot.
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So this morning I had an important meeting with a potential collaborator. She works with stems cells and I thought she could really use the technologies I'm developping for her research.

I was relunctant to invite my supervisor to this meeting since I know him well and know that he would just make things difficult, blur ideas up and make the entire meeting disorganized and out of focus. However, since he is my supervisor AND since researching for new collaborative prospects is actually HIS job and NOT mine, I thought: Hey why not give him a try to look somewhat organized and professional. 

Boy was I stupid.

Not only did he do all that I mentioned(I exagerate, he was not really bad, just bad), but he did something far worse:

Before my guest arrived ( let me add that she is a fellow professor) my supervisor decided to ask me for an update on things. I gladly talked about my progress and all but he kept cutting me off and asking me stupid obvious questions. Not only that, he has a way of asking how stupid little irrelevant things work and make that the focus of the discussion when it is 0.00001% of the entire project! PLUS he asked very very specific questions, which, when I answer directly, is not the answer he wants but then he does not let me finish explaining it and how I solved that stupid little problem! ASSHAT!

But that's not what really pissed me off. Get this:

When our guest arrived, my supervisor tottaly ignored her and kept on drilling me on how things are not working. HE IGNORED THE PERSON I HAD ORGANIZED THE MEETING FOR, HE IGNORED HER LIKE SHE WAS JUST A LITTLE GRAD STUDENT COMING TO HIS MEETING!!!! 

I don't care who you are, but when someone that is supposed to come and talk to you arrives, you don't make the person wait. You present yourself and the others in the group. Then you stop whatever you were talking about and start focusing on the subject at hand. What my supervisor did was just rude as hell. I almost apologized on his behalf after he left before the meeting was over. 

Whatever, I can't wait to be done this shitty PhD 

Current Mood: angry angry

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I really love the word 'asshat'. It's such a funny word to use on people. I am truly satisfied that mischief and my wife use that word, it puts a smile on my face. I actually need a smile too since I just heard today that the laser that I use for my micromachining project is probably going to be taken away within the month. That is a bit of a concern for me since it is the SINGLE  MOST IMPORTANT PIECE of equipment I need for my PhD project....

YAY for my supervisor who is, I might add, also an asshat for giving me a project for which he has no money to put into thus forcing me to use someone else's equipment. Which of course they have total power over and can decide, on a whim, to take it away from me.


hmmmm feeling a bit better :)

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So yesterday I had an important teleconferencing call with my board members (I'm president of a nation wide student association)  and we use an online program for this.

I log into our server and lo and behold: there's about 10-12 people logged in! None of them are my board members! All I hear are stupid people talking to each other about magical item exchange and spell casting and all that crap. I got invaded by gamers!!!! 

Suffice to say that I was not impressed. I later found out that the board member who was responsible for our server forgot to put a password (or didn't bother since it was a very small program at the time and it was not very popular). Anyway that delayed our meeting for a few minutes before I could contact my guy and tell him to boot those fuckers out of our conference room and setup a password.

Now I know that it is somewhat our fault not having put up a password in the first place but come on! If you and your geeky friends want to chat at the same time while you are playing a stupid game and asking your friend to cast a magical testicle enlargment charm so that you can have +3 damage everytime you fart in your enemies' general direction then GET YOUR OWN DAMN CONFERENCE ROOM! 

But it was pretty sweet to get to boot those guys out of there and block their ip. YAY!


PS Maudits joueurs à marde! Je suis content que je vous ai crissé dehors de ma salle de conférence. :)


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I'm sick! YAY!

So here I am, in front of the tv on the couch with a blanket and writing on my laptop. I really wanted to go to work today. I had so much stuff to do but my wife said I should stay home to get better quickly and I agree with her. I just wanted to do some stuff. There is always tomorrow.

Plus tomorrow I'm supposed to go to the Xerox research facility for a visit. Should be interesting for two reasons: I get to see highly classified technology and I get to make some good contacts for later. I need contacts in big companies if I'm going to take them over eventually :)

So here I am, procrastinating aways instead of doing a bit of work. I need rest I think.

The illusionist is playing on tv....maybe I should watch that as well.

buh bye

PS here is the french course:  Je suis malade. J'ai hâte d'être en santé pour que je puisse donner des bisoux à ma femme.
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